about us


Ibersupply is a leader supplier in the Contract Business.


With a 20 year experience in several different Hotel Chains namely Sheraton and Hilton, Ibersupply is able to face and win any challenge placed by any Hotel or Resort installation anywhere in the world.


Already detaining a strong position on the Portuguese and Spanish speaking World, we are now ready to expand our business.


Always sensible to advancements in technologies, trends and evolutions we are well aware of any news in this field, we are not only a useful but a needful partner in any Hotel installation and refurbishment.


Having on our side a large number of business partners we are able to face the task of install a new Hotel from Concept and Design to final placement of every needed equipment.


Renovation, furnishing, refurbishing or first installation, we are who you need to contact and let us put together a proposal and present you with a Tender for you to evaluate our services standard quality and pricing competitiveness.


Our effort on mock up installation in record time for clients’ approval and/or detail changing allow us to save time and prevent errors or misunderstanding from happening.


This particular way of conducting business allows our clients to check our products fine quality.


Our pricing, always very competitive completes a service package that we are very proud of.



Allow us impress your final clients!